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Welcome to Sierra Jujitsu and Karate

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Sierra Jujitsu And Karate is located at
3170 Research Way, #82
Carson City, NV 89706


We thank you for your interest. Sierra Jujitsu and Karate is a school dedicated to traditional jujitsu, teaching its values and discipline. Our students range from six to fifty plus. We have two separate junior classes based on age, and an adult class. Our black belt instructors are the finest, and each volunteers their time.

  Our students learn the confidence of how not to fight and the basics to defend themselves, if they must. They develop their minds and their bodies. Junior students learn physical coordination through rolling, falling, kicking, blocking, striking, throwing and much more. They learn to have confidence in themselves and how to have a positive outlook.

  Adult students quickly learn to do things they never thought they could. They learn that a small investment of time will help them be in better control of themselves.

  I urge you to take the first step and stop by our school to watch or take a free trial lesson. It will change your life!
John F. Chatwood

John Chatwood


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